Nick Kearney

Dr. Nick Kearney is a research partner at NEXUS, and has collaborated on a range of NEXUS youth projects such as WYRED and CEPNET. He is also the research director of the Teen Yoga Foundation, a charity that promotes yoga for young people as a tool for mental health. The charity carries out research into the benefits of yoga as well as teacher training and other activities. Nick  has been working in teacher training and educational management and leadership for over 20 years, with extensive involvement in the development of new learning approaches based on the use of ICT in a wide range of educational and training contexts.  His work has included a large number of EU and nationally financed projects in a wide variety of educational contexts.

In addition to this participation in project work he has also worked as external evaluator for project consortia on a range of EU and UNESCO financed projects including for example  evaluation of UNESCO projects in Morocco relating to education about cervical cancer. He has also worked since 2002 as a reviewer of projects and evaluator of project proposals for the European Commission. and been extensively involved in training of REA staff.  

Nexus Research Co-operative, Ireland