Seán Ó Siochrú

Seán has over 35 years experience in evaluation in Ireland and globally, working for UN and government bodies, aid agencies, and NGOs, deploying a full range of methodologies and tools. He is also a recognised international expert in Theory of Change, on the Advisory Board of the Centre for Theory of Change in New York (headed by his friend and former Nexus colleague, the late Eoin Collins).

Globally, mainly in Asia, Africa and Europe, his domain specialties include education at all levels, access to information, sustainable livelihoods, and rural development. He maintains his work in Ireland throughout his career, for NGOs, CBOs, and state entities in a range of areas, including media, children’s services, travellers, refugees, local development strategies, and public services.

He is also an activist for communications rights, from local to global levels, and author of numerous papers and books on related themes. He has worked with Paul Butler and Neil Haran extensively, on homelessness, family support, education, local development plans and other areas.

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Nexus Research Co-operative, Ireland